Ad Agency Experience

Working at Mediaplus Advertising in a collaborative environment, I completed all sorts of deliverables for the clients, including t-shirts, roll-up banners, badges, graphics newspaper ads, brochures, posters and signage. I became very familiar with the brand and comfortable with the clients’ needs and expectations.

Ottawa 2017 Weekly Ad


La Machine Brochure

The Creative Director was out of office the day I had to create this brochure. I took it as a challenge to get it perfect first try to minimize e-mails. I was pleased with the arrangement of assets and felt I really stuck to the brand.

La Machine Brochure


Make a

This was exciting for me because I created the dragon asset from scratch and then created a t-shirt mock-up, prepared print-ready files and sent the assets to print. A chance to illustrate something new in a hectic day was great.

Illustration of La Machine Dragon
Ottawa 2017 T-shirt Mock-up


Weekly Ads—Hurry!

The events were continually updating in number and importance throughout the year. They were being published in both English and French newspapers, such as the Ottawa Sun, Ottawa Citizen, Le Droit, L’Orléanais, Metroland and the Metro.

Ottawa 2017 Weekly Ad
Kontinuum Banner