Less is More

Shoppers Drugmart wants a bigger piece of the market pie, so to speak. They want more customers to have all their shopping needs at one place for the customers’ convenience.

Sketched Mindmap


Pushing my Creativity

I kept on coming back to my sketches to create new ideas. I’d create a new concept, test it, and still didn’t get the reaction I was looking for. I realized I was taking this from the wrong angle.

Marketing Sketches
Sketching Process


And then
it Clicked

I was focusing on the time spent at Shoppers—just 5 min for all essentials. But it wasn’t powerful enough. Sketching allowed me to build the concept and I realized that I was missing the point. Don’t focus on the 5 min trip, focus on the time gained! I contrasted the original message. Everything fell into place.

Marketing example on Mac Screen
Flag Mockup of Shoppers Ad