Two minds are better than one

This is a project I was Team Lead for. I lead the group from step to step. The client approached us with a concept: an easy way for parents to gift teachers and reinvest in their children's community. We started with empathy for the parent.

Empathy Map
Giftd Site Map


#1 Task
#1 Spot

I made a mistake. We started sketching wireframes after the sitemap and it was difficult—what goes where on the page? I realized that we hadn't determined task flow. We weren't sketching based on functionality! Will never forget this.

Giftd App Flow Sketches
Giftd App Flow Sketches


Testing App Flow

Usability testing lead to great discussions with the clients. We removed the capability of teacher's to see amounts given to them by individual parents to prevent bribes. We also allowed for any amount to be given from as low as $1 to be inclusive of every parent's financial situation.

Giftd App Flow
Giftd App Flow Sketches
Pickem Flow Mockup
Giftd App Flow Mockups on multiple screen sizes
Pickem App Flow Sketches
Pickem Flow Mockup