A New Font

What an enlightning project and a great way to understand the subtleties of fonts. The process was very smooth because of the high-quality sketches that make tracing in Adobe Illustrator much easier.

Font Alphabet Sketch
Vectorizing font in Adobe Illustrator
Font quote in Sunhalf, regular

Rounded Serifs

Sunhalf is a font with a rounded serif and flat foot. When the serif is combined with a medium contrasting stroke weight, it creates a welcoming personality. This quality creates a font appropriate for large amounts of print and digital body copy that require a degree of professionalism but attract rather than intimidate.

Font, Nn

Friendly Spurs

This font has a friendly spur on its lowercase b, p and q. This feature creates a very scalable font. The sharpness does not impede the friendliness when used for headings, and also ensures a clean and clear font when minimized for body copy.

Font, pb

Elegant Teardrops

Sunhalf has elegant teardrop terminals. They evoke the feeling of sophistication while simultaneously supporting its professionalism. The teardrop combined with its traditional stroke weight creates a font appropriate for any length of body copy with the goal to achieve a sophisticated tone.

Font, fj
Final Sunhalf Alphabet


Beachy Sunshine

Glyphs have to be designed like a font, as if there are capitals, ascenders like on a "d" and descenders like a "g". This is so that they can be inline with the rest of the font when typed.

Sunhalf Font Dingbats Sketch
Final Sunhalf Font Dingbats
Final Sunhalf Font Dingbats